Thursday, January 01, 2009

Marina Bay , New year countdown

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

Blessed be the man.who can make common people sing , dance , laugh and be merry..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My life @ an IBank....

I wanna get out......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



The four years of my life at KGP has been more of a constant ' तलाश' or 'Search' - for friends, for a goal,for some peace, a bit of knowledge, a little fun and ....... some meaning of life. Let me describe the 'Search' in some details.

The search began after I secured a rank of 1047 in IITJEE - search for the IIT and the course that I was to opt for. Google came to my rescue. A few searches led me to the conclusion that KGP was the right choice - oldest and biggest IIT, nearest to my home, many known seniors, moderate ragging, 99% placements, and yesss- a good chance for depC. And yeaah today I agree that I took the right decision at that time. So thanks Google !!

Google continues to be my best friend. My Google web-history says that I do 150+ searches /day on an average and the peak is at 3 am. There were times when Google admitted defeat and said Sorry : "We're sorry...... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now."

My father accompanied me to KGP on the first day. We listened to the inspiring talks by the profs. of our dept. He left after warning me against drugs, bad companions and urging me to try to secure 9.0+ in the semester exams. This would have enabled me to get a dept. change.I promised to toil day and night and live upto his expectations.

However when the classes began I was shocked to find the teacher: student ratio - 1:300. Parker Smith did not match the standards of Irodov. Neither was Shanti Narayan any match for minds honed by TMH and the like. Even today,very few profs, know me by name .

I decided to divert my energies elsewhere. I became a programmer. I spent time in learning software development, web designing , helping friends with computer assignments. Becoming a programmer had its own advantages- You have no restriction. Just imagine and program your PC to do wonders !! I was also new to the world of internet. Free internet hooked me. and I searched and explored. I also became the G.Sec. Tech. of RK Hall and dedicated quite a lot of time towards the Tech. GC. And most recently I have been busy working for my upcoming startup.

People said : 'KGP is a boring place' . However me and my 'Hero Champion' traveled far and wide in and around KGP. I have been to a lot of places- Salua , Midnapore, Keshiary and visited rivers, hills, forts, world war remains forests nearby. My bicycle has covered nearly every place in KGP within a dia of 80 kms. I met lot of people at these places and did learn a lot about life from them. Many a times I sat down alone at solitary places and enjoyed the song of the birds and may be sometime I lay down on the road and let my heart sing to the skies.

The most valuable thing that I have acquired here in KGP is a lot of friends- good friends, whom one day I will remember and cry for.

At some point of time , I took the help of the mighty Google , in finding someone compatible of the opposite sex, after having failed to find any girl 'single' in the campus. I searched 'single gals in KGP' . Google replied : Sorry no results found , did you mean : 'single guys in KGP' ? :P

As these four years come to an end, I realize how much I am indebted to this place. I would follow Mr. Vinod Gupta in saying -" People visit Kashi and Mathura for pilgrimage. For me the only such place is KGP. " I may not have ever secured a 9.0+ in KGP,but the lessons I did learn here have gone into making me tougher, more confident, a bit wiser and have provided me a mission - 'to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield'.

Talaash abhi zaari hai mere dost ............ !!!

Monday, March 03, 2008


ज़िंदगी रुकी सी है,
कुछ खाली खाली सी है,
हवा का रुख कुछ अनकहा सा है,
सागर का जल भी ठहरा सा है,
ऐसे में लहरों का बहाव चाहिऐ,
मुझको अब बदलाव चाहिऐ.

हवा में ज़हर घुला है,
साँस लेने में आफत है,
स्वर्ग कहते हैं जिसको,
वह फिजा अब रास नहीं आती,
अब टू नरक में पड़ाव चाहिए,
मुझको अब बदलाव चाहिऐ.

हर शख्स परेशां है,
हर आँख में कुछ नमी सी है,
हर दिन रात सा अँधेरा है,
और इस रात की सुबह नज़र नहीं आती,
इन बहते अश्कों में ठहराव चाहिऐ,
मुझको अब बदलाव चाहिऐ.

-Vineet Bhardwaj

Vineet Bhardwaj is a close friend of mine and is a good poet. A student of the department of Ocean Engg. and Naval Architecture at IIT Kharagpur, Vineet aspires to join the Civil Services.
Do send him feedback on his poem at